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Mu Lan Xuan Surgical Mask--Your best defense against COVID 19

06/07/2020 by

Mu Lan Xuan Surgical Mask--Your best defense against COVID 19

Since the broke out of COVID 19, the surgical mask had become the necessities of human. As companies in many regions began to "go back to work", the demand for surgical mask is also on the rise. “hard to find a surgical mask” has become a urgent problem. At the same time, many unscrupulous businessmen had made a lot of unqualified surgical masks, which is dangerous thing. But don’t worry, Mu Lan Xuan surgical mask is a trustworthy brand.

Mu Lan Xuan is professional brand which concentrates on Global health safety and protection products. The company focuses on the innovation, development and sales of adult and child protection products. Mu Lan Xuan has five major production bases in China ( Hunan liuyang, changsha provience, loudi, shanwei, shandong provience ). There has the specialized research and development group, the inspection room and the advanced automatic mask machine equipment.

The products Mu Lan Xua produce are manufactured scientifically, which is safe and comfortable.

Mu Lan Xuan Surgical Mask has been tested many times by experts. We pay attention to the details of the fabric, structure and technique of masks. In order to make the user feel more comfortable and breathable, after repeated testing and continuous innovation attempts, we finally choose the Ultra-low resistance electrostatic filter material. Mu Lan Xuan Surgical Mask has three layers, the thickness is just right, and the white melt-sprayed non-woven fabric in the middle of the surgical mask is of high quality. Melt spray non - woven fabric is very fine long fiber non - woven fabric, strength is not high, easy to tear, tear when crisp. If a small piece of fusion-sprayed non-woven fabric is facing the light, you can see the fiber grain, the fiber thickness is not uniform, that is high quality. In addition, the ear band welding point is firm, with the hand to pull hard, will not break.

Mu Lan Xuan Surgical Mask: The perfect combination of technology and appearance

It’s hard to breathe If you wear a mask for a long time, and strangulation marks on the face caused by the mask fitting too close to the face. After the continuous efforts of many experts, Mu Lan Xuan designed a mask that fits your face. What’s more, Mu Lan Xuan is selecting high-quality fabrics for processing, in order to fit the face shape and breathe smoothly at the same time. SO, Mu Lan Xuan is the perfect combination of technology and appearance.

Mu Lan Xuan’s workshop and production process are strictly in accordance with national standards.

1: Selection of raw materials: Choose the appropriate PP non-woven fabric, nose bar, silk thread, anti-bacteria filter paper, activated carbon cloth, waterproof and breathable film, non-woven fabric edge wrapping material and ear band.

2: Automatic production: PP non-woven fabric raw materials, anti-bacteria filter paper, activated carbon cloth and waterproof and breathable film were all hung on the material rack of the mask flaking machine, and the machine was debugged for automatic production.

3: Weld forming: Place the nose strip on top of the mask strip, then fold the mask strip and wrap it around the nose strip.

4: Inside the bag workshop: The molding mask will be sterilized, vacuum packaging.

5: Outsourcing delivery: The packaged masks will be centralized integration of external packaging for shipment.

Mu Lan Xuan has a special research and development team, testing room and advanced automatic mask machine equipment, and the company's products have passed China CFDA certification, eu CE certification, ISO13485 medical equipment quality management system certification.

Mu Lan Xuan is mainly the use of ultrasonic fusion and automatic sealing principle, the completion of the plane mask multi-layer material composite molding machine. Mask machine is used for automatic production of multi-layer surface mask finished products, it can use 1~4 layers PP spinning viscose non-woven activated carbon and filter materials, the whole machine from the raw material into the nose line into the sealing edge cutting finished products are a line of automatic operation. Ear band welding is a procedure for welding the semi-finished parts of the mask produced by the mask machine. According to the requirements of the process, it is divided into inner ear band type, outer ear band type and strap type. The last is sterilization, fragile non-woven cloth is generally not high temperature disinfection method, is the use of "ethylene oxide" this colorless gas to kill bacteria, mold and fungi. Medical masks sterilized with ethylene oxide must be analytically tested before being put on the market.


CFDA is fully known as China Food and Drug Administration. It is worth noting that in order to standardize the registration Administration of medical devices and ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical devices, the state Food and Drug Administration has formulated the registration Administration measures for medical devices according to the regulations on the supervision and Administration of medical devices. While "CE" is a compulsory certification mark in the eu market. In order to circulate freely in the eu market, products produced by enterprises within the eu or products produced by other countries must be labeled with the "CE" mark to show that the products meet the basic requirements of the eu directive on new methods of technical coordination and standardization. ISO13485 is the quality management system standard of the medical device industry and the most authoritative international quality system standard of the medical device industry. Medical device manufacturers that follow this standard can demonstrate that they have established a quality assurance system to ensure public safety. At the same time, through ISO13485 certification, combined with the eu CE MDD directive, Mu Lan Xuan products can freely enter the European market.

A good brand to trust :

Mu Lan Xuan through advanced solid technical strength and innovative management mode, research and development and production of a variety of products, mainly covering protective clothing, masks, protective gloves, disinfection towels.

During the epidemic prevention period of COVID-19, our protection products provided important materials for the epidemic prevention materials support group in hunan region, directly for hospitals and government departments. Combined with the above reasons, Mu Lan Xuan Surgical Mask is a good brand worthy of trust.


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