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Love is Borderless. MU LAN XUAN Donate Tens of Thousands of Masks to the Chinese

03/07/2020 by Scott Lust

Text: Like the mountain range that stretches before you and me, let’s share the same trials and hardships together. Are you not battle-dressed? Let's share the plate for breast! Under the epidemic situation of the COVID-19, the stories of the overseas Chinese and people from all walks of life are giving mutual help and protection are keeping coming. With the epidemic situation in China being effectively controlled currently, the process of resumption has been speeding up. However, the global epidemic is still not optimistic. The serious shortage of anti-epidemic materials threatens people's safety. Facing this kind of situation, China has offered a lot of help to support national anti-epidemic efforts by providing goods and materials in various forms.


During the Epidemic period, MU LAN XUAN staff is always fighting in the production line and overcoming the difficult life together. Besides, they have solved the problem of assembly technology and go into production at full capacity, to send the epidemic prevention materials to the first line of fighting against COVID-19 at top speed. Meanwhile, they are sticking to responsibilities and doing themselves well, fighting the epidemic with all the people.


As a responsible enterprise, MU LAN XUAN is always following the footsteps of our motherland, caring for the overseas compatriots, donating the masks and fulfilling their social responsibilities. The head of the company, Mr. Feng, said, “The production related to medical materials under the Group, especially the foreign trade, has accumulated a lot of overseas quality customers. We saw that their countries are experiencing the same situation as China. So we mobilized some medical supplies (masks, gloves, disinfectant and so on) and donated to those most serious overseas areas, such as Italy, United States, German, Russia and etc.) At that moment, we felt honored that we can make a humble effort to our overseas compatriots. We hope we could make a humble contribution to epidemic prevention and control.


The action of MU LAN XUAN shows not only a kind of support, but also a responsibility of a Chinese enterprise in the face of the world epidemic. What's more exciting, the disposable medical mask that we are producing has gone abroad to the world Anti-Drug frontline, gradually becoming an important material to support anti-epidemic fighting in other countries. Many foreign local governments and non-governmental organizations have expressed their deep thanks for MU LAN XUAN masks through the media after receiving the MU LAN XUAN anti-epidemic materials!


In the future, MU LAN XUAN will keep an eye on the global epidemic situation and fight against the epidemic actively. At the same time, we will keep close contact with overseas supplier partners and offer as much help as we can. Meanwhile, we will call on more warm-hearted people to join the public interest in preventing and controlling the epidemic. Through the joint efforts of all of us, we will win the battle of epidemic prevention as soon as possible.


In front of the disaster, only by working together can we defeat the virus. Not many words. It's all about love. Because of love, the story will continue. ”

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